All About the Base Progression
A technical skills progression for whitewater paddlers looking to break the Class III/IV barrier


This is a very technical breakdown of the paddling skills required to be a confident and controlled Class III/IV paddler


The aim of this program is to reinforce the importance of the often overlooked core paddling skills that are introduces and honed on flatwater. Once those skills are dialed in we will apply them to the Class III moving water environment to ensure that participants are u[ping their paddling game with style and control, rather than floating more challenging whitewater.  This program involves learning how we use the river to give ourselves more time to perform challenging moves, in turn allowing us to progress with control.

The sylabus of the course is built around key points we have taken from our own paddling in challenging whitewater over the years.  So, even though it is highly technical in nature, it is extremely functional and usable learning that you will be able to apply immediately.


After completing this course participants can expect to have a much better understanding of how to paddle with power, efficiency and control in whitewater that is challenging to them.  Paddlers will also have the tools and a set of individualized drills to help them progress into harder whitewater in a controlled and efficient fashion.  Expect tangible improvements and a much better understading of how to use the water to make hard moves and rapids much easier.

 NOTE:  This is a course often taken more than once by many participants.  We ensure the course content is varied and focused on each participant.  This is a very dynamic course with a huge scope for skill/confidence development.