Training program for the CKC Leader 2 / Instructor 2 Certification


The CKC/AWA Leader 2 - Instructor 2 Combo Training course is a 3 day program designed to arm instructor candidates with the requisite skills to work towards L2/I2 certification.

The aim of this program is to introduce the core concepts of leading and teaching whitewater kayaking on Class I and II whitewater.  The scope of the program is vast and participants are expected to come to this course with some kayak instructional experience and preferably a flatwater teaching certification.

Course conductors will cover not only technical skills, but soft skills, rescues, logical progressions, learning styles, how to ensure correct amount of challenge for participants and much more

After completing this course participants can expect to understand where they are at in relationship to successfully completing an L2/I2 evaluation.  Course conductors will give all candidates an in depth debrief at the end of the course outlining strengths and areas of improvement and also a suggested timeline/course of action to a successful evaluation at this level.

Note:  if you have already completed the training and are looking for an evaluation program (or are looking to challenge the award based on prior experience/certifications) please email us at