Beyond The Quick Start Plus
A full day of recreational river paddling with instruction


The Beyond the Quick Start Plus course is a full day instructional excursion (20kms of river) on the River


The aim of this program is to allow people wanting to get comfortable on Class I/II rec/crossover river paddling the opportunity to get more skills, cover some mileage on this beautiful section of the river and start to experience how amazing recreational river paddling can be.  Our ultimate hope is that this program combined with the Recreational River Safety course will allow people to get out and explore the innumerable sections of class I/II whitewater in Alberta safely and proficiently.


After completing this course participants can expect to have a great new section of river that they are familiar enough with and have the paddling and rescue skills to kayak without guidance.  Paddlers will work on hard skills such as ferries, eddy turns, surfing etc as well as some basic safety and rescue skills vital for safe river paddling.

NOTE:  This is part of our Adventure Rec progression which follows this flow:
Quick Start Plus > Recreational Kayak River Safety > Beyond the Quick Start Plus > Further River Kayaking Courses