Aquabatics Kayak Club - Micro Groms - Tuesdays
Summer long kayak program for 5 - 9 year olds


A summer long, fun, safe introduction to kayaking program for 5 to 9 year olds.  Parental participation is encouraged and it is all about fun on the water with other like minded kids.


To introduce participants to the fun, active lifestyle of playing in boats.  There are no set skills goals really for this age group in year 1.  Simply to get them in kayaks, with a bunch of other kids their own age and introduce basic paddling strokes, play lots of games and drink hot chocolate on a regular basis. 


To generate an enjoyment and apprecition for kayaking and the outdoors for all participants.  To engage families to get out on the water together and enjoy the great waterways we have local to Calgary.  Specific skill development is less of a focus than fun and safety, however we would expect all kids will have good boat control and confidence in the kayaks by the end of the program.

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