Mastering The Kayak Roll
Personalized instruction to start dialing in your kayak roll, or to learn a new type.


The Mastering the Kayak Roll Course is a pool based session focusing on dialing in the sweep roll.


The aim of this program is to continue participants progression towards a 'bomb proof' roll.  Small group sizes enable us to do lots of hands on instruction to create the required muscle memory to successfully roll.


Outcomes will vary depending on the stage of the progression people are at.  After each session paddlers can expect to have an understanding of the tweaks they need in order to become more successful at rolling.


NOTE:  This course is for those who have taken an Intro to Rolling course already.  We move straight into a progression outlined in that course so it is important to understand that sequence.  In this program instruction is very personalized so we can work on different types of rolls etc for those looking to expand their 'options' for rolling on the river