River Kayaking - The Next Step
River kayaking skills weekend progressing from Class II to III.


The Next Step Weekend is a Friday evening and 2 full days on the water.


The aim of this program is to continue in the development of paddling skills for participants.  At this stage we are looking to have paddlers very self directed in performing skills in Class II whitewater and introducing basic maneuvers in straightforward Class II+/III rapids.  There is a strong leadership and safety component with the goal of having participants comfortable picking lines and performing rescues in Class II whitewater


After completing this course participants coming to the program with the correct skill set can expect to be able to paddle Class II rivers as a confident and competent team member.  Able to scout, choose lines, perform basic safety and rescues.  After this course paddlers can also expect to know what Class II+/III whitewater is like and to have a good idea of the next steps to continue to improve their personal paddling 

 NOTE:  To get the most out of this program participants should be able to paddle the Lower Kananaskis or Ghost Dam to Gas Plant with some control and confidence.  If that is maybe not the case the Beyond the Intro is a great bridge course to prepare for this program.