Super Grom Winter Program
Youth (9 - 13 y/o) pool based kayak instruction over winter. Previous paddling experience required.


The Super Grom winter series is a fun, safe, pool based course for 9 - 13 year olds.  It is the next step in our kids paddling progression (from the Micro Groms).  To join this program it is strongly recommended that particpants have paddling experience and have wet exited using a spray skirt before.


To introduce participants to being confident underwater in a kayak and building confidence in paddling with a skirt on.  This program will focus heavily on teaching paddler to roll their kayaks to prep for further paddling on the river in the Spring and Summer Programs.


After this course participants will be able to control their boats in flatwater, t-rescue with an instructor and by the end of the season paddlers will have had plenty of practise and skill development towards rolling their kayaks.