Ontario Week Of Rivers
A week of fall paddling instructionbased out of the Madawaska Kanu Centre!


A week of fall paddling and instruction on the beatiful rivers of the Madawaska and Ottawa river valleys.  An all inclusive paddling vacation!


The aim of this program is to extend the paddling season, explore some new rivers and really dig into 5 straight days of paddling and technical paddling instruction.  Instructors will include Aquabatics / AQ Outdoors familiar faces and some locals from MKC.
As much as running new rivers is great, we will also attach our technical paddling instructing spin to the 5 days on the water.  Expect to get in some great exploring, new rapids and top level instruction.


After completing this course participants can expect to have improved overall river running skills.  Also to have been exposed to many different leadership styles on creeks, rivers and the big water of the Ottawa.  Coming from Alberta the Ottawa will bequite foreign to many, so you can be sure you will pick up some of the nuances of paddling in large volume whitewater.